Irwell Rugby Club

irwell_rugby_logo500The Early Years

On the 21 August 1883 Irwell played its first competition game against Southbridge.  Irwell won that match by “a goal and a try to nil”.  Irwell enjoyed many successes over the years particularly in the early 20th century where they won the Ellesmere competition five times between 1910 and 1920. In 1911 Irwell B won the 7-a-side competition over Irwell A after 35 minutes of extra time.

Over the years the club has developed a proud history playing in their traditional black jerseys. Despite its small catchment area Irwell has made a big contribution to rugby in Ellesmere both on the paddock as players, coaches and referees, and off the paddock in the committee rooms. The club has prided itself on community spirit and the endless volunteer work from members.

The home of Irwell Rugby is Sudeley Park which continues to be a valuable asset for the rugby community.


In 1993 Irwell joined forces with Dunsandel to form a combined club. This has been a successful merger in providing better opportunity for players throughout the grades. Both Dunsandel and Irwell come from similar farming communities and share similar values.